Adidas-Stan Smith

Well it’s no doubt that sneakers trend has taken over. Yep that’s right, even Karl Lagerfeld confirms it. I have spotted these Adidas- Stan Smith sneakers on a lot of different bloggers but I am still not fund of it that much. What do you all think? I think I am still loyal to my Nike’s


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Fashion week trend spotting

The one earring:

It’s like the 80′s all over again. Madonna clearly loved this trend:

The bold colours:

When Autumn comes to place, people automatically think dull colours, well this year around summer is not going away very quickly (at least mentally)

The chunky Knits:

Yay! more comfort and more warmth. We at least that’s what the olsen’s have in mind, who as we all know are the major trend setters

The bow tie:

Who says only men can pull this off? The lovely bow tie look very sophisticated and certainly adds the detail to an outfit.

The hair band:

How nostalgic. It’s like Gossip girl all over again, or at least it seems to be..I use to be crazy obsessed with this trend and bought like a million different head bands that would match every outfit I had. Just when I have finally given up on this trend 100% its back again.

Oscars 2014 gowns

I am totally crushing on some of the gowns that were worn during the oscars. I see what a lot of celebrities have in common this year is their choice a gold/Embellished gown. By the way how well did Lupita pull off her Prada gown?

Sarah Jessica Parker shoe line



Known for her exquisite taste in shoes (at least in sex and the city) Sarah Jessica Parker has finally launched her own shoe line. However the collection is currently only available in the States and can be shopped at  Nordstorm.


Ciao for good wedge sneakers

I don’t know about you all, but whenever I see a trend that takes over and has everyone wearing it, I automatically get put off and start hating it. This is exactly what happened to the Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. Remember how exclusive they used to be at a point? You would have to pre order them and they were sold out literally everywhere. So many fakes out there tried to copy the brand which if I must be honest is a big fail. The wedge sneakers trend has been over in my eyes for about a year now, that even Isabel Marant herself admits to having stopped wearing hers. She claims that there are “super ugly copies” of her sneakers that she can not longer stand them.¬†“I don’t wear them as often as I used to because I see too many bad copies in the street. I’m not saying mine are the most beautiful shoes, but they have a certain style.”She admits. I couldn’t agree more with her!



Hello feminine touch

The bulkier, the cooler it looks! Well not anymore. It seems that the more feminine touch to watches are getting back into style. Thank God for that! But not only the thin/feminine watches but rather bracelets that combine into a watch. Such a great invention and perfect for those who aren’t really people who wear watches.

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